Territorial Shipping & Quoting Restrictions

It’s critical to honour and adhere to any territorial agreements you have with your manufacturers or suppliers to remain in good standing. Yodify let’s you easily determine which brands you make available and in what geographic regions, and informs potential purchasers when they try to purchase from a location you do not serve using a combination of their IP Address and Shipping Address.
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Honor Your Territories

By setting up territories you do and do not serve you can easily adhere to any territorial agreements you have on a brand-by-brand basis. 
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Limit Irrelevant Quotes & Orders

Setting up the regions you serve limits the number of orders and quotes submitted to your business from territories you do not, or can not serve, saving time for your sales teams and letting them focus on meaningful quote requests and orders.
Restrict or Enable     
Determine by Brand which of your products you can sell or quote into different territories. Set Ship Only To, or Do Not Ship To and manage your way.
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Fine Control     
Set by State, Province or Territory where you do and don’t sell your certain brands.

Not just for sales, using Territorial Restrictions can also alleviate or completely eliminate quote requests from out-of-service areas.

Keep your sales team focused on meaningful engagement.
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Territorial Restrictions
Territorial restrictions are limitations set by suppliers on where and to whom distributors can sell their products. These restrictions are often put in place to manage the market, protect brand integrity, and control pricing and distribution channels. Some common examples of territorial restrictions suppliers may impose on distributors include:
Geographic Territories
Suppliers may restrict distributors to selling products only within certain geographic boundaries, such as specific countries, states, or cities. This helps in market segmentation and prevents market saturation
Exclusive Territories
A supplier might grant an exclusive territory to a distributor, where only that distributor is allowed to sell the supplier’s products in a specified area. This can incentivize distributors to invest more in marketing, inventory, and sales efforts within that territory.
Channel Restrictions
Suppliers might limit distributors to certain sales channels, such as physical retail stores, online, or through direct sales teams, depending on the product and market strategy.
Quantity Restrictions
Suppliers might limit the quantity of products a distributor can sell in a certain territory, to prevent stockpiling or oversupply in the market.
Customer Restrictions
Some suppliers specify which customer groups or market segments the distributor can target. For example, a distributor might be restricted to selling to the retail sector and not to the wholesale or direct-to-consumer segments.
Cross-Border Sales Restrictions
To control the international distribution of products, suppliers may prohibit distributors from selling products across national borders. This helps in managing international pricing, import/export regulations, and market entry strategies.
Catalog-Only Sites
Suppliers may impose restrictions on prohibiting sales through e-commerce sites, even those of an authorized distributor.

This is a prime example of where a Yodify-powered product catalog can be of great benefit to the distributors, it is a major lead-generating tool that drives traffic directly to the distributor who can then assist and close the sale offline.
Online Sales Restrictions
Suppliers may impose restrictions on prohibiting sales through certain platforms (e.g., third-party e-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay). This can help in maintaining brand consistency.
Product-Specific Restrictions
Suppliers may restrict distributors from selling certain products in their portfolio to specific territories or customer groups, especially if there are regulatory, cultural, or strategic reasons to do so.
Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policies
While not a territorial restriction per se, MAP policies restrict the price at which a distributor can advertise products for sale. This helps in maintaining the brand’s perceived value and prevents price wars that can erode profit margins across a territory.
These territorial restrictions are typically outlined in the distribution agreement between the supplier and distributor. While they can help suppliers maintain control over their brand and product distribution, they must be managed carefully to comply with local and international competition laws, which vary widely and often aim to prevent anti-competitive practices.
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