B2B SaaS Catalog with Interactive Tools to Boost Customer Engagement

Detailed Product Catalogs Generate Leads & Sales

Yodify-powered online catalogs instantly boosts your product accessibility, customer engagement, lead generation, and  reputation. Online and offline. 
Powerful & professional catalogs loaded with industry quoting & configurator functionality.

Deliver product content to draw customers into your sales funnel, create multiple points of engagement, and generate better leads and sales.
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create a resource your customers, sales & support staff will rely on

Deliver Online Catalog Excellence

engage & accelerate sales
Powerful & Engaging Configurators
Deliver an intuitive and engaging customer experience.

Our purpose-built configurator technology handles endless permutations, restrictions and exclusions with ease.

Configure, Price & Quote (CPQ) functionality awaits, simply add pricing to each option.
advanced configurators
content management system
Easy Content Management
Updating your catalog content with Yodify CMS is virtually effortless.

With no development experience required, our simple and intuitive product editor enables practically anyone to create and maintain stunning product content.

With Yodify's CMS, your digital catalog can easily be updated keeping your staff and customers on the same page, referencing the product data you create and curate.
optimized catalog population
Catalog-Ready Products
The Yodify Library contains over 50,000+ Product Series, encapsulating trillions of SKUs you can selectively add to your catalog.

Minimize start-up costs and product maintenance.
instantly populate your catalog
scale & evolve on your timeline
Transition to e-Commerce
Your Yodify catalog is a stellar foundation for e-commerce, if and when you choose to sell online.

Add pricing when and where you want and use our dynamic B2B e-commerce tools to set up a pricing structure that meets your specific needs.

Start small and scale, or add pricing to thousands of SKUs simultaneously, either way Yodify has you covered. 
easily evolve your website
create efficiencies, save time, scale fast

Your Catalog is a 24/7 Product Specialist

Your product catalog puts your products where purchasers can find them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Superior product data on your website creates trust in your business and increases customer engagement online and off.
support your sales teams
Expedite Your Sales
Rich product content coupled with dynamic quoting tools make it easy for your sales staff and customers to align their goals and close faster.

Displaying inventory and lead times for your SKUs means less time wasted by your sales teams fielding inventory check calls, giving them more time to close sales.
clarify the purchasing journey
Deliver Self-Serve
Empowering your customers with self-serve purchasing and quoting options let's them inform your sales staff of their specific needs.

Yodify's advanced configurator technology makes products of any complexity accessible and engaging and creates a consistent and reliable resource for your staff and customers alike.
catalog, e-commerce or data management
Flexible Deployment
refresh your online presence

Launch a Brand New Website

Create a beautiful, modern website built around a core of engaging product & catalog content. Keep customers in your website ecosystem by delivering detailed and pertinent product information.

Put Yodify's powerful website builder and SEO tools to work to create custom content & landing pages that will give your business an upgraded online presence to drive traffic and generates leads.
Website BuilderThemes
add more functionality to your current site

Add On a Digital Catalog / Store

If you already have a corporate website but it doesn't meet your business and customers needs, add a  Yodify-powered catalog or store to provide the product information you and your customers require.

Create a storefront or distributor sales portal and launch it as a subdomain of your existing site to easily add rich product data, model configurators & more for critical client and team reference, quoting & sales.
manage your product data network-wide

Yodify Distributed Enterprise Catalog

Yodify Distributed Enterprise Catalog TM (Yodify DEC TM) is a cloud-based subscription service that enables Brands to either openly or selectively share their product catalog with their preferred sales, marketing, and support networks for single-source product data synchronized across all their desired channels.

Launch a purchasing portal or D2C store using the same product data you manage and curate for your channels.
Yodify DEC
Advantages of Yodify Catalogs
provide product information to your customers 24/7 on desktop, tablet & mobile
Product Visibility
A Yodify-powered online catalog showcases your products and services online, enabling potential customers to browse your offerings at their convenience. This visibility is crucial for attracting interest and keeping your brand top-of-mind.
Information Resource
A premium catalog serves as a central information resource about your products, including specifications, features, benefits, and prices (if you choose to display them). This helps educate potential customers and helps them in their decision-making process, with you in mind.
24/7 Accessibility
Unlike a physical store or office, your online catalog is accessible 24/7, offering convenience for customers in different time zones or with varying schedules. And with Yodify, your catalog is mobile-friendly so it can be viewed by virtually anyone with a smart phone!
SEO Benefits
An online catalog can contribute greatly to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, helping your business get found by potential customers searching for related products or services online. With Yodify's SEO functionality you're able to tailor your keywords to every product and customer segment.
Brand Building
A well-designed website strengthens your brand image and communicates your brands values, mission, and the unique selling points of your products or services.
Market Expansion
With a catalog website, you can reach a broader audience beyond your local area, potentially expanding your market nationally or even internationally.
Lead Generation
Incorporate contact forms, quote requests, and newsletter sign-ups to collect leads. Interested visitors can leave their contact information, allowing you to follow up with them directly.
Customer Support
Include FAQs, product guides, and support resources to help customers find the information they need, potentially reducing the workload on your customer service team.
Feedback and Analytics
Implementing analytics tools helps provide insights into visitor behavior, popular products, and how customers interact with your catalog, informing future business and marketing strategies.
Social Proof
Feature customer testimonials and case studies to build trust with prospective customers.
Deliver Rich Product Information & an Exceptional Customer Experience
Million Dollar Functionality for a Fraction of the Cost 
Highly Customizable, Extremely Powerful
Your Yodify, Your Way 
Yodify provides a tremendous foundation of critical purchasing and quoting functionality wrapped in a suite of powerful tools to help you customize your site to your exact requirements.

Make your site feel like home with our suite of Component Styles that empower you to customize  the look and feel of your header, footer, product pages and product cards, your site, your way.

Jumpstart your online transformation with one of our stunning, dynamic templates built to look fantastic on any device.