Order on Behalf Of

Sometimes your customers need a little extra help, or they have an order they need re-ordered periodically and with Order on Behalf of you're in a position to make their lives easier and fulfill their order without them lifting a finger.
Ordering with OoBo Functionality
Granting permissions through your Team Members will let you enable Order on Behalf Of functionality for your sales team. From the front end of your site you can impersonate any of your clients with Payment Accounts and place your order with the front end functionality.
Proceed through the order/quote process as your client would and populate your cart with everything on your customers shopping list.
Once you proceed to checkout your clients information will automatically populate with their shipping, billing and account payment information continuing the seamless OoBo transaction.
Order History & Reordering
Every order you place through this method will be available in your Customers User Portal on your site for easy re-ordering in the future, either by a member of your team or the customer themselves. The order will appear in your Orders & Quoting tab in your Admin Portal as any typical order would to be fulfilled in the typical fashion.
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Product Configurators
Yodify's industry-leading configurators open the door for your customers to spec out their products based on their application requirements. Build in restrictions, dependencies & more to make sure only real SKUs can be created. Add pricing to your configurator options for complete CPQ functionality.

Forget sifting through thousands of SKUs, or flipping through binders to find a specific model, evolve your business today.
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Account Pricing & Net Terms
Make the transition to online sales & quoting seamless by pre-populating your customer accounts and assigning their specific discount levels so they can check out with their pricing, and the terms you have established for each account.
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Custom Product Visibility
Pricing & Product visibility controls let you curate your catalog content to show only what you want, when you want to who you want. Easily apply brand level controls, or get granular and manage your content on a product by product basis to determine who gets to see what price or product, and when.

Always show pricing, Log in for pricing, show pricing only to account holders and any combination there-of await to refine your customer journey even further.
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