cutting-edge configurator technology meets dynamic pricing
Configure, Price & Quote
Boosts sales productivity, reduce errors, accelerate quote turnaround, ensure consistent pricing & elevate customer confidence
Build Your Competitive Advantage While Driving Growth & Revenue 
With simple integrations into your ERP & CRM, you can fully automate and streamline your sales processes while offering your customers, and sales teams the ultimate resource to price out custom, complicated products & solutions.
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Clear Competitive Advantages
Self-serve pricing provides significant benefits.
Streamlined Sales Processes
Automate manual tasks involved in configuring products, pricing, and generating quotes and reduce the time and effort required by your sales team to complete these processes.
Improved Efficiency
By automating repetitive tasks, CPQ allows your sales teams to focus more on selling activities rather than administrative tasks, leading to improved productivity.
Accurate Quoting
CPQ ensures that quotes generated are accurate and consistent, reducing errors that can arise from manual processes and ensuring pricing integrity across the organization.
Increased Revenue
With faster quote turnaround times, personalized product configurations, and optimized pricing, CPQ enables your business to close deals more quickly and capitalize on more sales opportunities.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
CPQ provides customers with transparent pricing, personalized product configurations, and quick responses to quote requests, leading to a better buying experience and higher levels of satisfaction.
Optimized Pricing
Set dynamic pricing rules, analyze customer behavior, and adjust your pricing strategies to maximize profitability and focus on configurations that boost your bottom line.
Yodify CPQ
Break down your complicated products into their components and empower your customers and sales teams to configure custom model numbers with live feedback on each selection.
ultimate flexibility & fully encompassing
Live Parameter-Based Pricing
Set a base Product Series MSRP, then add MSRP's and Lead Times to each configuration option (parameter) to present model specific pricing and availability for every possible permutation.

This is the most dynamic and flexible way to enable CPQ in your Yodify site.
focus on your stocked items
Mapped Inventory Pricing
Listing your inventory gives your customers a clear path to purchase your commonly ordered or stocked items.

When a customer configures a model you've listed, your pricing will appear in the configuration tab, along with an add to cart CTA. This let's your customers move forward with confidence quickly when they configure a model you carry.
simple customer journey
Your customers can move seamlessly from their returned quote to their cart through to purchase via credit card or net terms.
total transparency
Complete Configuration History
Every quote order placed through Yodify provides a complete history of the pricing, and items included.

For configured products, this also includes a detailed breakdown of the configuration choices made to determine the final model number.
Live Account Pricing 
Payment Accounts you set up, import or integrate apply to your CPQ products as well as any inventoried items you list.
bespoke pricing
Unlimited Price-to-Customer Variables
By filtering your configurator pricing through established Payment Accounts when your account customers use your configurators they will see their specific discounts applied to the models they create for quotes or purchase. 
smart price calculations
Simple Re-Ordering
When your customers place their order each of their selections is saved with their order. When your customer re-orders the product any updates you've applied relevant to their selections will be used to generate their new price - keeping orders up-to-date automatically.
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