Yodify FAQ

Top Questions

Search for your company name here and see if it is pre-built and ready to launch, if it isn’t you just need to fill out a couple small questions and you’ll be up and running in minutes.
Go to the product section of your portal and click Add a New Product and fill in all the details you have, to give your customers the most complete picture of your product possible
Yodify, and all its pages, Stores and eCommerce capability are all built in Bootstrap and are fully scalable, looking and working perfectly on every platform.
Yodify supports all current browsers. It performs best on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

We do not currently recommend Internet Explorer for viewing Yodify
Anyone can add/edit product information on any product, but only the individual who entered the information originally (creator credit) or the brand who manufacturers the product line and has claimed their Yodify presence can commit those changes to our library. We defer to the brands because, as the manufacturers, we hope they know their products best!
We may have missed pre-loading your info! But don’t worry, you can create your store from scratch.
It’s possible someone has mistakenly claimed your site, make sure no one from your organization has already staked a claim to that site, and can’t add you as a user, before heading over to our dispute page and stating your case. We’ll get everything sorted out and make the keys are in the right hands!
All products added to Yodify will stay in the ecosystem indefinitely, people across the globe have items to sell and even though your products may have originally left your factory, they have lives of their own now, being bought and sold around the world.
That’s your prerogative! You are free to leave your store to sit unused, but individuals who visit the site will not see any of your inventory or that you’re active, and you stand to miss out on sales & leads.
That’s totally fine! While our category structure is tailored primarily for industrial products (for now) feel free to add any product you’d like, suggest new categories, and get your store going! Yodify is for the people, it’s your tool to use!