Yodify FAQ

What is Yodify?
Yodify is an online store and catalog website platform, hosted on servers around the world, delivering stunning, modern e-commerce websites that scale beautifully on every device. Originally purpose-built for large industrial businesses requiring sophisticated, dependable, and easy-to-use B2B software, Yodify is the premier solution for professionally representing your brand, company, and products online, in a format your customers will appreciate.

Yodify websites are full-functioning, stand-alone websites. They can also be easily added to clients existing websites, regardless of vendor, providing an instant and best-in-class online catalog or store solution while preserving existing web investments, seamlessly integrating the past with the present.

Yodify enables corporations to consolidate their local and global catalog and e-commerce activities with data that can be controlled, narrated, synchronized and published as it suits them.

Feature-packed, this proprietary platform provides an extensive range of tools for clients to build and customize their online catalogs and stores, sell via multiple channels, manage products, inventory, fulfillment, payments, shipping, marketing and advertising, business operations, and engage with current and prospective customers.

Yodify is the ultimate catalog & e-commerce solution.
What is a Yodify Site?
Yodify websites work perfectly as a complete stand-alone website, or as a catalog or e-commerce store within your existing website. A Yodify Site is your world-class catalog or e-commerce store created using our website tools. Add your colors, branding, custom URL and more make your website your corporate home on the internet.

Yodify Sites enable you to take advantage of powerful e-commerce features and create a stunning, product-rich, on-brand website your customers will love.

Yodify Sites, Your World-Class Corporate Website
What Are Some of Yodify's Features?

We offer two types of Model Number Configurators, an elemental one for simpler products, and an advanced one for those products that have complex dependencies, and/or restriction-based selections.

Add images to individual choices for your customers ease of understanding.

Any product can be built to empower your customers to easily communicate their exact product and application requirements to you.

Give us your most difficult product to configure, we’ll build a configurator both you and your customers will love!


Yodify has over 30,000 curated categories, ensuring every product has its proper home.

Custom Categories are available, present your products your way.

Find what you're looking for, no matter how you search.


Enable Geographic Shipping Restrictions

Specify at the Brand level

Specify by Country, State/Province, Territory or Region

Specify where you will allow your products to be shipped, and where you won't

Easily honor Suppliers Territorial Restrictions

Smooth & Secure Checkout on any Device


Designed for a seamless and enjoyable experience on mobile, tablet & desktop means your customers get a fully responsive and consistent experience on any device


Choose from an array of professional themes at no additional cost

Create your own look & feel to match your style

Customize your colors and imagery with ease
Need a Serious Website Upgrade?
Your new Yodify Site works perfectly as a complete stand-alone website, your customers will love your new online catalog and e-commerce store.


Customer-specific pricing at any level: on Brands, Products & SKU's

Accept Credit Cards

Net Terms that can be unique to each of your customers

Prices can be displayed to everyone, displayed only on customer login, and unique to any given customer and region

Our extensive pricing capabilities give you the flexibility to offer exactly the pricing you want, to whomever you wish

Powerful Quoting Functionality
Why Switch to Yodify?
We care. We want our customers to be proud of their websites, and be happy they chose Yodify as their web platform provider, that's why we provide our customers with excellent products and service, our customers are our #1 priority.

We see what a great platform can be, innovation is in our DNA, we listen to our clients and we work with them to provide the features they need to run their business, we are never satisfied with the present.

No matter which e-commerce platform you're being under-supported by, we're certain we'll exceed your expectations.

We'll make the transition easy and your website exceptional.
Love Your Website?
Keep it and simply link your Brands, Products, Categories, and any other tabs you want to your Yodify-powered website.

Preserve the investment you've put into your existing website, just add a powerful and elegant digital catalog or full e-commerce store, with the same look and feel of your existing website!
What is the Yodify Library?
The Yodify Library is available as an individual feature or bundled with our Yodify Premium and Enterprise plans. The Yodify Library is a vast collection of catalog-ready products from thousands of manufacturers – many in the industrial, commercial and wholesale sectors.

Populate Your Product Catalog Quickly by choosing from over 50,000+ Brands and Products

Instantly Add Entire Brands to Your Catalog or Store

Billions of SKU's

A great place for Brands to place their products so their sales and support networks are able to easily adopt and promote the most current and accurate product data

We're available to assist in building your products if they're not yet in the Yodify Library when you subscribe to a Premium or Enterprise plan, limited hours apply, and we do have pricing packages available for larger projects

Library Products often have:
- Images
- Features
- Descriptions
- Configurators
- Specifications
- Categories
- Applications
- Documentation
- Drawings
- Videos
- Reviews
- Q and A
- and more

You can override certain elements of Yodify Library content (built to manufacturers specifications) and put your own spin on a sensational foundation of critical marketing, purchasing and quoting data.
Yodify You
Our B2B clients love what we do for their online presence, so we said why stop there, let’s make the world a better place and help budding entrepreneurs everywhere realize their dreams too, so we created Yodify Basic and Yodify Plus for the individual, small start-up, and budding business.

We provide all the essential e-commerce functionality, starting for free, because we understand & love entrepreneurs!
How does product and category creation work?
On Yodify Basic & Plus you create your own products using Yodify's powerful product creation tools. You can either assign categories from our library or use Custom Categories to structure your product content exactly how you envision it.

With the Yodify Premium & Yodify Enterprise plans you'll be able to create your own products or choose to use the Yodify Library.

Yodify-powered catalogs and stores can be populated in a number of ways: create your own products, add them from our product-packed library, or have us create them for you.
Can I customize my site?
Yodify has a full page builder to enable you to add any additional content you want on your site. Choose from the Theme Collection to set your product card, product page and header and footer appearance, and set your Site Colors to start building an identity. Use drag and drop elements to build out any content you need!
Can I really start for free?
Yes! The Yodify Basic plan starts at $0/month subscription and includes the functionality you need to get your store off the ground and start selling to the world. You can upgrade any time with individual or bundled features to make your site even more powerful as your business grows.
Does Yodify do drop-shipping?
Yodify allows you to sell what you’re passionate about, but you do need to source & provide your own products. Whether you source your goods through thrift store gold, or have a multi-billion dollar fulfillment pipeline, the Yodify platform will help you reach the next level.
Does Yodify charge a transaction fee for every sale I make?
Yodify charges a fee on credit card transactions. See the pricing table for each bundle-based percentage.

If you are using the Net Terms checkout functionality, available individually or in the Yodify B2B Premium & Enterprise bundles, you collect payment offline and Yodify does not take any share of the sale.
What languages can I run my site in?
Currently Yodify operates in English. Let us know what language you’d like to run your store in, and we’ll keep it mind for future development.
Can I launch a Yodify Site in my country?
Yodify operates worldwide! You can open and run a digital catalog from anywhere on the planet. Yodify’ s e-commerce is powered by Stripe Connect, so full e-commerce functionality is available in:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States
What can I sell on Yodify?
Yodify is designed for promoting and selling virtually any kind or product, from simple to the most sophisticated. You can sell whatever you’re passionate about on Yodify. It’s easier to list what you can’t sell on Yodify:
- Alcohol
- Animal products (including live animals)
- Cannabis or related by-products
- Counterfeit or unauthorized products and/or services
- Copyright infringement materials
- Currency or cash equivalent instruments
- Dangerous or hazardous goods
- Drugs and/or herbal substances used for recreational and/or medicinal purposes
- Drug paraphernalia (this does not include medical or laboratory equipment)
- Illegal items or items promoting illegal activity
- Items without any required export clearance or which are not labelled in accordance with applicable laws
- Medical drugs, regulated medical devices or pharmaceuticals
- Pornography
- Tobacco
- Uncertified surveillance products
- Unlicensed food or its by-products
- Weapons, ammunition, explosives and related items
Who pays for the shipping of my products?
As a Seller you are responsible for the management and shipping of your products to your customers. We encourage you to consider the added cost of shipping your products when establishing the shipping rules located in your Seller Portal.