Product Creation

All Yodify clients have access to our product creation tools which enable them to build their own products. However, some clients may desire assistance creating products; to accommodate this, we offer two types of product creation services:

  • Library Products - products built by Yodify and made available to any client with access to the Yodify Library
  • Exclusive Products - products built by Yodify for a client's exclusive use; these will not present in the Library

Build Your Own Exclusive Products

Build your own products using our product creation tools.

  • Products will reside solely in your catalog, simply build them in your Admin Portal
  • Build your own products or outsource to an individual or entity of your choosing

Library Products - $25/hour

Hire Yodify to build products that will reside in the Yodify Library, providing easy one-click additions to your catalog. Clients with Premium and Enterprise plans have access to all Library products. A great option for:

  • Busy and cost-conscious clients
  • Brands and Manufacturers - Empower all your resellers, distributors, and reps by providing them with straight-from-the-source product data; they simply add these products to their Yodify-powered websites

Exclusive Products - $65/hour

Hire Yodify to build products that will reside solely in your catalog.

  • Products are built to client specifications
  • Maintenance of products performed by client

Note: Depending on the uniqueness of data of client-provided written specifications; similar, or identical products may also exist in the Library.

Information Worth Knowing

Modify Library Products to Your Requirements: Products you add to your catalog from the Library may be tailored by you to your specific requirements by activating the “Customize Product” feature on each product page in your Admin Portal. Differentiate your Library-sourced products from everyone else's; make them unique to you.

Products You Create in Your Admin Portal: All products you create within your Admin Portal are solely available to you for your catalog and store, they aren't present in the Library.

Right to Create: Yodify and all Yodify clients have the right to build any product, provided it is within our guidelines, even if it has previously been built by another company as an exclusive product.

Team Members: With unlimited team members available in every plan, clients are welcome to enlist their own product creation personnel.

Territorial Boundaries & Restrictions: Yodify does not manage or enforce territorial boundaries and/or restrictions desired or imposed by any individual, entity, or brand with respect to the promotion and/or sale of any brand or its products; all such territorial agreements, conditions, restrictions, etc. are completely independent of Yodify.

Product Entry Services

Yodify provides services to help you get your catalog populated & updated.

Whether you want an entire Brand entered or just a few products we're here to help.

Our content specialists are available to create your products, saving you time and money. Leave it to us while you run your business.

Basic Product

Basic Product

What you get

  • Product Images
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Applications
  • Documentation
  • Features

What we need

A list of products you want entered as:
  • A PDF, Excel spreadsheet or similar document containing the products & exact information you want. Links to the product information are encouraged.
  • A brochure, catalog, or datasheet, etc. clearly highlighting the desired product. Simply scan and email a copy, or post or courier prepaid to Yodify.

Premium Product

Premium Product

What you get

  • Everything in a Basic Product plus:

A SKU Configurator based on your model legend. Let your customers tell you exactly what they're looking for with the model number generator.

What we need

A list of products you want entered as:
  • A PDF, Excel spreadsheet or similar document containing the products & exact information you want. Links to the product information are encouraged.
  • A model number legend, list of options or any document that outlines the available options for each product part complete with all dependencies.

Additional Services

If you require any additional services setting up, populating or managing your Seller or Brand information or Website please let us know in the Comment Section below when you send your request.

Data Services

  • Product Entry
  • Product Updates
  • Brand Creation
  • Configurator Creation
  • MPN/SKU Management
  • Catalog Updates
  • Data Optimization
  • Product Image Creation/Optimization
  • Custom Product Filters
  • Custom Category Deployment

Developer Services

  • Home & Page Design Services
  • Custom Website Pages
  • API Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Custom Analytics

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Please indicate if you would like Basic or Premium Products in the Comment Section below if not included in the documents you provide.

Once your request is submitted a member of our Data Team will be in touch.

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