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Partners & Clients, contract Yodify for data or development work to further improve, or augment your Yodify website by leveraging our expertise.

We understand what makes products and websites great, and are positioned to help you make your website the best version it can be to grow your business.
industry-leading product data services
Top-Quality, High-Speed Product Creation
Yodify provides top-tier product creation services alongside a roster of other data services.

When you hire Yodify to create or manage your data in the Yodify platform you are getting premium quality service and product. Sure, you could hire labor for less, but when you work with Yodify directly you reap the benefits of our years of expertise and efficiency.

If you want your product data done right, to a sterling standard and delivered quicky, Yodify Data Services are here for you:
  • Product Creation
  • Brand Creation
  • Product Edits
  • Configurator Creation
  • Catalog Updates
  • Data Optimization
  • MPN List Creation
  • Product Image Creation/Optimization
  • Additional Filter Criteria
  • Custom Category Deployment
above and beyond the platform
Development Services
Yodify's platform is replete with a vast array of tools for sales, quoting, product management and site building. If there is specific functionality you need added as the final piece of you, or your clients puzzle, get in touch with us.

Yodify provides a range of development services from cosmetic to functional, including services that will save your team time, and your business money in the long run.

Get in touch with us today about your specific requirements and we'll start a discussion on deliverables, timeline, and price.
  • Homepage & Website Design
  • Custom Website Pages
  • API Integrations
  • Custom Component Styles (Product Series Page, Product Cards, Header Style, Footer Styles.
  • Website Integration
  • Custom Analytics
  • Custom Functionality
Enlist Yodify's Expertise

Expert Product Creation

All Yodify clients have access to our product creation tools which enable them to build their own products.

Any product you create in your Admin Portal resides solely Client Library or Partner Library. You can build them yourself internally, or provide access to outsourced labor using Team Member functionality, to build out your exclusive content.

However, some clients may desire assistance creating products. To accommodate this, we offer two types of product creation services:  Yodify Library Products, and Exclusive Products.
top-quality meets economy
Yodify Library Products
Hire Yodify to build products that will reside in the Yodify Library, providing easy one-click additions to your catalog. Clients with Premium and Enterprise plans have access to all Library products. A great option for:
  • Busy and cost-conscious clients
  • Brands and Manufacturers - Empower all your resellers, distributors, and reps by providing them with straight-from-the-source product data; they simply add these products to their Yodify websites via Yodify DEC.
Hourly Rate: $35/hr 1
1 hourly rate in USD
exclusively yours
Exclusive Products
Hire Yodify to build products that will reside solely in your Client, Brand or Partner Library. Learn more about different Library types
  • Products are built to client specifications
  • Maintenance of products performed by client
Note: Depending on the uniqueness of data of client-provided written specifications, similar, or identical products may also exist in the Yodify Library.
Hourly Rate: $75/hr 1
1 hourly rate in USD
What You Get
When you commission Yodify for Data Creation there are components to the products that our team includes with every product, and certain content only created by your request.

Yodify product creation is held to an extremely high standard, and our services will yield the best possible results for your catalog when compared to cheap, outsourced labor that understand neither your requirements, or the industry you operate in.
  • Product Images
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Applications
  • Documentation
  • Features
By Request
  • Model Number Configurator
  • MPN List
What We Need
We need a few items and some guidance from you to clearly identify the products you need built:
  • A PDF, Excel spreadsheet or similar document containing the products & exact information you want. Links to the product information are encouraged.
  • A brochure, catalog, or datasheet, or website link including the previous  clearly highlighting the desired product(s). Simply scan and email a copy, or post or courier prepaid to Yodify.
  • A model number legend, list of options or any document that outlines the available options for each product part complete with all dependencies.
Information Worth Knowing
Modify Library Products to Your Requirements: Products you add to your catalog from the Library may be tailored by you to your specific requirements by activating the “Customize Product” feature on each product page in your Admin Portal. Differentiate your Library-sourced products from everyone else's; make them unique to you.
Products You Create in Your Admin Portal: All products you create within your Admin Portal are solely available to you for your catalog and store, they aren't present in the Library.
Right to Create: Yodify and all Yodify clients have the right to build any product, provided it is within our guidelines, even if it has previously been built by another company as an exclusive product.
Team Members: With unlimited team members available in every plan, clients are welcome to enlist their own product creation personnel.
Territorial Boundaries & Restrictions: Yodify does not manage or enforce territorial boundaries and/or restrictions desired or imposed by any individual, entity, or brand with respect to the promotion and/or sale of any brand or its products; all such territorial agreements, conditions, restrictions, etc. are completely independent of Yodify.
More Data Services
Beyond product data creation there are a number of additional avenues you can put Yodify's data team to work.

You have access to the same tools our team does, but we're available to help you build a custom category structure for your site, source product MPNs, craft product images & more!
your catalog your way
Custom Categories
Re-organize or replace Yodify Library categories to match your businesses requirements. Create categories based on industry, application, product type or whatever else you need.
automate for efficiency
Catalog Updates
Need a Yodify team member to make some adjustments to your catalog contents? Look no further!
look good, feel good
Product Images
Our team believes in image quality, and creates them in house as needed. If you have products you'd like professionally represented on your catalog, get in touch!
Building out a simple product is one thing, but granting your clients access to vast array of filterable options in your inventory tab can help them narrow down to their exact solution. Have our team source and create MPNs lists for you to simply attach your pricing & availability to.
All additional Yodify Data Services are charged at a rate of $75/hr 1
1 hourly rate in USD
above & beyond the platform
Website Functionality
Yodify includes a tremendous range of powerful functionality to accommodate many different business models and their unique requirements. However, we understand there may be additional functionality you'd like added to the platform.

We take client proposed functionality into consideration, book a meeting with us to discuss your specific needs.
automate for efficiency
Creating an integration via Yodify's API is a powerful and dynamic way to automate a range of tasks and updates to your digital catalog,

CRMs, ERPs, Shipping Calculators, Chatbots & more can be seamlessly tied into the Yodify platform.
pretty face doesn't hurt
Website Design
Need some assistance designing and deploying additional non-catalog content into your Yodify-powered website?

Chat with our team about building landing pages, SEO-driving site content, or a total business rebrand.
insight awaits
Integrating your Google Analytics is as simple as plugging in your G4A tag into your Site Settings.

For closer insight, Yodify also provides a range of in-house analytics to track how your quotes, sales & traffic are performing.

Chat with us and identify the metrics that mean the most to your business.
All Yodify Development Services are charged at a rate of $195/hr
1 hourly rate in USD
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Yodify data and developer services are available only to active Yodify clients (and Partner clients).

Please provide as much detail as you can when you submit your request. A member of our team will be in touch soon!