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Your Intro to the Yodify Partner Program
Book a call with a member of the Yodify Team for an introduction and Q&A about how Yodify can help you meet the needs of a more diverse range of clients, and deliver exceptional functionality in your website solutions.
Your Tailored Demo Includes:
  • Walkthrough of the Yodify Platform and it's unique capabilities
  • Introduction to your Partner Portal and how you can deliver iterative, creative and powerful solutions for your clients.
  • Admin Portal Tour Showcasing Spreadsheet Inventory Management, Account Management (Net Terms, Custom Pricing, etc), Catalog Controls & More
  • The Scalable solutions you can use to collaborate with your clients and exceed their goals
  • How Yodify Supports our Partners
Select Your Time & Date
During our Partner Platform Orientation we will complete a brief overview of some of the key features Yodify offers and answer any questions you may have about the Platform or the Partner Program. We look forward to meeting you and collaborating on the exciting new journey.
deliver prime solutions

Yodify Excels Where Other Platforms Fall Short

Just a quick reminder of a few of the obvious advantages of a Yodify Partnership.
iterative workflow
Re-Use and Adapt Site Assets
Yodify Partners can create libraries of content to use and adapt for unique solutions for different clients.

Create a private Library of products you can empower your clients to add to their catalog in a single click, completely eliminating repetitive product creation.

Create website builder assets or complete themes to showcase your shop's capabilities and re-use them throughout your site solutions.
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serve sophisticated business models
B2B Enabled
Yodify includes powerful & flexible tools to create engaging content for businesses of any complexity.

Payment Accounts, Territorial Restrictions, CPQ, Product Visibility, Net Terms & so much more give you the tools to serve businesses from those with the most sophisticated needs, to the simplest.
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your work, rewarded
Yodify Commission
With a blanket 20% commission, Partners earn on everything including monthly, or annual subscriptions and any referred services provided by Yodify.

We value what our Partners bring, and you can rely on your Yodify income without fear of Yodify changing metrics on high-performing Partners.

Bring it, and get paid.
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