Simple Inventory Management & Batch Editing (.csv Import/Export)

Forget managing your inventory and pricing on a product-by-product basis. Manage your pricing, availability, lead times, sale dates & so much more with easy multi-item edit, or export a spreadsheet, make your changes, and update tens of thousands of lines of inventory in a single upload.
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Bulk Edits Made Easy

Editing your SKUs is simple with Yodify. Regardless of your preference of editing in the Admin Portal, or exported spreadsheet, managing your SKUs individually or in bulk is fast & easy.
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Retain Control

No coding required to update your products means you retain total control over your catalog contents. When you need to make a change, make the change! 
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Save on Site Updates

Forget getting a bill any time you need a line updated on your website. You have access to the same controls the Yodify team does.
Inventory Management In Your Admin Portal
Easily manage your individual SKUs, or bulk edit up to 500 a time from right within your Admin Portal. Edit the columns you want to see in your inventory table to determine exactly what you want to see to manage your store, your way.
Each SKU has dozens of editable criteria including descriptions, pricing, availability, sale information, custom sale labels, account pricing, lead times, backorders & so much more.
Inventory Management via Excel (.csv) Spreadsheet
From the Import & Export you can download a .csv of your entire store contents to edit offline prior to re-uploading.

You can also filter your inventory on the inventory & pricing page by a particular Brand and export only those items to delegate or organize how you manage your inventory, pricing & more.
Once you have your spreadsheet exported you can edit thousands of inventory items simultaneously. Easily manage which columns you want to see to edit items including:
  • SKUs & MPNS
  • Inventory
  • Price
  • Sales
  • SKU Descriptions
  • Lead Times
  • RFQ Status
  • In and Out of Stock Messages
  • Shipping Rates
  • Discount Levels
  • Weight & Dimensions
  • Backorders
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Check out some other features to empower your business
custom model numbers
Product Configurators
Yodify's industry-leading configurators open the door for your customers to spec out their products based on their application requirements. Build in restrictions, dependencies & more to make sure only real SKUs can be created. Add pricing to your configurator options for complete CPQ functionality.

Forget sifting through thousands of SKUs, or flipping through binders to find a specific model, evolve your business today.
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customer specific pricing
Account Pricing & Net Terms
Make the transition to online sales & quoting seamless by pre-populating your customer accounts and assigning their specific discount levels so they can check out with their pricing, and the terms you have established for each account.
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curate your customer journey
Custom Product Visibility
Pricing & Product visibility controls let you curate your catalog content to show only what you want, when you want to who you want. Easily apply brand level controls, or get granular and manage your content on a product by product basis to determine who gets to see what price or product, and when.

Always show pricing, Log in for pricing, show pricing only to account holders and any combination there-of await to refine your customer journey even further.
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