Payment Accounts, Net Terms & Account Pricing

Yodify has built-in tools to help you manage your customer-specific pricing, allow purchasers to check out with net terms, and so much more.

By setting up discount levels with custom percentage based discounts (or mark-ups) you can create custom pricing schemes for specific businesses you sell to.

These businesses are organized into your Payment Accounts. Payment Accounts give you the opportunity to invite individuals to that particular account (Account Members), and set up net terms for your customers to check out with the same terms they enjoy with your business offline.
create custom pricing schemes

Personalize Your Catalog Pricing

Create Discount Levels to accommodate different tiers of purchasers, or personalize on a business-to-business basis with percentage based discounts or mark-ups.
organize your accounts

Create Payment Accounts

Organize businesses within your Discount Levels to apply your pricing schemes so purchasers see only the pricing you want them to.
ease to online quoting & sales

Invite Account Members

Invite individuals to your Payment Accounts to simply transition them into your online store or catalog with the same pricing & net terms they're used to offline.
Discount Level Management
Dynamic, Limitless Pricing Tiers
Deploy percentage based discounts or mark-ups on the brands your carry to create a custom structure of discounts to accommodate all types of clientele.

You can create and manage as many different discount levels as you need.

The default (retail) rate is 0%. If you have your store set up to show pricing to anyone, your retail pricing will show until your Payment Account holders log in, then they will see their specific price.
Payment Account Management
Import Accounts or Integrate with Your ERP
Managing payment accounts is simple. You can import your existing accounts from your CRM or ERP with an easy spreadsheet upload - or create and manage them within your Yodify Admin Portal.
Each payment account requires a small amount of information to differentiate, and designate which Discount Level, if any, is applicable.
Account Members
Invite Individually, or En Masse
Adding your account members is when your Payment Accounts come to life. Invite individual people to the Payment Accounts you've set up. When you invite them they will receive an email invitation to join your website with the Net Terms or Credit Cards credentials you've set up for them.
Instant Familiarity
So long as your invitees create their user account with the same email you set them up with their Yodify account will be ready, & set up with your specific terms.

Adding Team Members to your account is an excellent way to invite new, and existing customers to your new online store with the same terms they enjoy offline, easing and simplifying their pivot into engaging with your business online.
Customer Experience: Shopping & Checkout
Catalog-wide Account Pricing Deployment
Account holders will see their specific pricing in reference to your MSRP when they are browsing your available inventory. When creating or responding to quotes your sales team and customer will also see the List Price (MSRP) as well as the Account Specific price for any relevant products.
Net Terms Checkout
During checkout, Payment Account Members will have the option to use the terms you've created for them to complete their order, with capture of the payment occurring off platform at a date appropriate to their specific terms established with your business.
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custom model numbers
Product Configurators
Yodify's industry-leading configurators open the door for your customers to spec out their products based on their application requirements. Build in restrictions, dependencies & more to make sure only real SKUs can be created. Add pricing to your configurator options for complete CPQ functionality.

Forget sifting through thousands of SKUs, or flipping through binders to find a specific model, evolve your business today.
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customer specific pricing
Account Pricing & Net Terms
Make the transition to online sales & quoting seamless by pre-populating your customer accounts and assigning their specific discount levels so they can check out with their pricing, and the terms you have established for each account.
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curate your customer journey
Custom Product Visibility
Pricing & Product visibility controls let you curate your catalog content to show only what you want, when you want to who you want. Easily apply brand level controls, or get granular and manage your content on a product by product basis to determine who gets to see what price or product, and when.

Always show pricing, Log in for pricing, show pricing only to account holders and any combination there-of await to refine your customer journey even further.
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