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e-Commerce For Every Business

Meet the future of B2B e-Commerce with a sales catalog for any industrial, commercial, wholesale and retail business.
You need a powerful & professional catalog loaded with exceptional e-Commerce functionality, Yodify delivers.

Our experts are ready to help as much as you need. Whether you need a little help starting up, or want a Yodify Partner to maintain your site in perpetuity, you'll have a dynamic, modern website that drives business and scales effortlessly to meet your needs.
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dynamic CPQ solutions

Configure, Price & Quote

Take Yodify's powerful configurator technology to the next level by adding prices, lead times and more to each option in your configurators and enable your customers to price out their solutions prior to requesting a quote. Priced configurators make it easier for your customers to understand the cost implications of their choices so they can purchase according to their requirements.

Informed clients leader to higher conversion rates with improved customer satisfaction and fewer errors.
configure, price & quote
limitless custom model numbers

Dynamic Pricing Display

Use Account Pricing to deliver individualized pricing. When your customers log in to your site they will see their prices.

Account Customers can check out with the same Net Terms you deploy off-platform.

Use our product visibility tools to determine who sees specific products thus enabling you to curate a custom catalog experience for your Account Customers.
account pricing & accountsmanaging account customers
discount & incentivize

Discount Structures

Sell in bulk? Easily set pricing tiers to make sure you're offering value at every price-break.

Want to offer a coupon for say... first time buyers? Easy.

Free Shipping over a certain spend? Of course we can do that.
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territorial controls

Sell Where You Want

Implementing your shipping restrictions ensures it's simple to make your products available to customers within your territorial regions and honor your agreements with suppliers.

Set where you do and don't ship to. Control by Brand, Product Series or SKU.
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flexible pricing & product display empower multiple deployments in a single site

Serve Every Sales Channel with One Site

Yodify e-Commerce is flexible and dynamic, serving your multiple sales channels simultaneously with a bespoke experience. 
make your popular products accessible & available
D2C & General Sales
Easily set which of your products you want to show everyone. Show list pricing to new customers while still showing account pricing to logged in account holders to ensure your products are available, but at a price that works for every customer type.
deploy custom pricing on your B2B accounts
Account Holders
Logged in Account Holders will see their custom pricing they're used to having offline. Their custom pricing is deployed everywhere through inventory listings, configurators, BoM's & quotes to keep your sales staff and customers on the same page.

Account holders can check out with their Net Terms for you to collect  as you do in your traditional offline sales. 
fulfill sales faster throughout your distribution network
Distributor Sales Portal
Manufacturers, put account pricing and product visibility controls to work with a sales portal for your Distributors, Resellers & Reps to sign in and order, get quotes or check their pricing, product availability, lead times & more.

Tie into your distributor sites with Yodify DEC to create a seamless network-wide customer experience with your product data, pricing & availability cascading through your channel-sites.

Set the Stage for Your
e-Commerce Success Story

Launching an e-commerce website is a critical step towards establishing a flourishing online business, or reinforcing the future of your brand in the ever-growing online market.
Improve Return on Marketing & SEO
24/7 Sales Channel
Better Customer Satisfaction
Deliver Rich Product Information & an Exceptional Customer Experience
Million Dollar Functionality for a Fraction of the Cost 
Highly Customizable, Extremely Powerful
Your Yodify, Your Way 
Yodify provides a tremendous foundation of critical purchasing and quoting functionality combined with powerful tools to help you customize your site to your exact needs.

Make your site feel like home with our suite of component styles and themes.

Jumpstart your online transformation with one of our stunning, dynamic templates built to look fantastic on any device.