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Yodify Distributed Enterprise Catalog (DEC)
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Yodify Distributed Enterprise Catalog (Yodify DEC)
Yodify Distributed Enterprise Catalog (Yodify DEC) is a cloud-based shared subscription service that enables Brands to selectively share their product catalog with their preferred sales, marketing, and support channels for single-source product data synchronized across all their desired channels via the Yodify Library (publicly available to all Yodify clients) or an Exclusive Brand Library (private with access granted by the brand to specific channel-partners who are subscribed to a Yodify Plus, Yodify Premium or Yodify Enterprise plan).
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Manage & Share
Manage your Product Data within your Admin Portal. Every change you make is automatically shared throughout your Distribution Networks Yodify-powered sites, ensuring organizational consistency in your messaging and critical product details.
Multi-Use Data
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Distribute & Sell Direct
Deploy the same product information you already manage in your Admin Portal to a Distributor Purchasing Portal, D2C web store, or both, using powerful B2B Payment Accounts with custom discounts and net terms.
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Centralized Control with Infinite Reach
Control your product catalog via your private Admin Portal, deploy this data wherever you require it in your enterprise, and invite your sales channels to subscribe to a state-of-the-art Yodify site so they can simply add your products to their website.

Your sales, service, and support channels win big because they don’t have to create or maintain your products on their website; they simply click-to-add individual products or your entire product catalog to their website. No more broken links to your site from your channel sites.

Imagine your arms-length sales channels being able to add your entire product catalog with your narrative to their website in less than 30 seconds, even when your product count is in the thousands. Imagine no more, it’s here now, Yodify DEC.

Want to share your SKUs? That’s easy too, even if you have hundreds, thousands, or millions in every product series. Your SKUs and descriptions created by you, meeting your standards for your global audience.
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Eliminate Repetitive Inefficiencies
One version of well-defined product data and narrative, brand-curated, displayed by hundreds and thousands of channel partners. Yodify, simplicity and exponential power, by design.
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The Ultimate in Content Syndication
Yodify DEC is the ultimate in content syndication providing consistent high-quality product content for lead generation, sales and support for optimal channel support, coverage and expansion.

Assist your preferred sales and support channels by empowering them with the most innovative, powerful, and simple sales tools yet, expanding the capabilities, efficiencies and effectiveness of your brand and myriad channels.
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Continuous Improvement at Light Speed
Refined brand stewardship of product data combined with exceptional productivity at speed provides an exceptional customer experience, everywhere your channels operate, everywhere your customers are.

With Yodify DEC the focus is on effortless product presentation and education, reducing brand and channel costs, expanding growth while enhancing customer lifetime value.
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Global Independent Distribution Networks
Yodify DEC was purpose-built for brands with national and global reach serving local markets through their partnerships of independent distributors who require effortless brand-level, high-quality product data for sales, marketing and support.

Yodify DEC provides independent distributors with web-ready, product-filled online catalogs to showcase products with the latest details, in the best possible light.

Products are brand-curated and catalog-ready, distributors simply click to add one to several thousand products from a brand catalog to their catalog with a single click. Exponential efficiency is standard with Yodify DEC.
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DEC Infinity
Yodify DEC Infinity is the ultimate intelligent distributed enterprise system for brands to share, manage, and control their product narrative worldwide through their multiple channels, enabling them to directly connect via their channel partners websites.
Your latest product data everywhere you want it, worldwide
birds-eye on your business
Comprehensive Business Intelligence
Track how your products (and comparables) are performing throughout your Yodify-powered network. Keep tabs on sales, orders, quotes, RFIs, popular product configurations, and site traffic, from all your channels.

Analyze how your network is performing to accurately inform your business insights and decisions; streamline your processes, eliminate bloat, and ensure your business is operating as efficiently as possible.
Traffic Analysis
See how your products across your myriad channels are performing: see site visits by product, SKU, page views, & much more.
Quotes & Sales
Monitor the quotes, requests for information, and sales figures for products carried in stores throughout your sales channels.
Market Insights
Market insights will be available to DEC Infinity clients to monitor the performance of client-relevant categories of products to better inform what markets are hot, and where to focus your marketing and business development efforts.
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