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Yodify delivers powerful B2B e-Commerce, Digital Catalog & Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) functionality to help you tap into new markets, and better serve new & existing clients.
No credit card required. Partner Portals are free to open & operate.
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Yodify  partners with agencies, web designers and developers who craft solutions for businesses needing to establish or transform their online catalogs and stores.

Yodify can assist with building complex product configurators, provide custom functionality, and tailor solutions to meet partners exacting needs.
powerful & accessible

B2B e-Commerce & Catalog Websites

Put the full range of the Yodify platforms' site & catalog building tools to work with a complete website solution.
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enterprise product data management

Data Analytics, Management & Sharing

Help manufacturers and brands deploy a single set of product data network-wide into tens, hundreds or thousands of synchronized websites through the Yodify Library or a private Brand Library with DEC and DEC Infinity.

Enterprise analytics let your clients monitor their product performance throughout their distribution network empowering them to make intelligent, informed business decisions.
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configure, price, quote

CPQ Site Plug-In

Yodify provides flexible design tools and total style override controls so even if your clients already have a site they love you can provide a CPQ Catalog add-on as a subdomain of their existing site to add on self-serve configuration, pricing, quoting & purchasing functionality.
Configure, Price & Quote
Unique, Refined B2B Functionality
Where other platforms like Shopify, wooCommerce, BigCommerce & Adobe (Magento) fall short of your needs, Yodify excels:
customer-specific pricing
Dynamic Pricing & Product Display
Account Pricing delivers specific pricing to your each of your customers. When Account Customers log in to a Yodify site they will see individualized pricing set for their specific terms.

Account Customers can check out with the same Net Terms they get off-platform.

Account Groups  & Product Visibility can be used to determine who sees what product(s) when logged in, curating a custom catalog experience for any Account Customer.
Payment Accounts & Net TermsProduct Visibility Controls
limitless custom model numbers
Powerful Configurators
Dynamic, built-for-industry tools let you add sophisticated product configurators, enabling your clients to build a SKU based on their specific application requirements.

Our in-house proprietary configurator technology handles endless permutations, restrictions and exclusions with ease, loading extremely fast to keep customers engaged.
Advanced Configurator Tech
discount & incentivize
CPQ & Intelligent 2-Way Quoting
Quoting is as intrinsic to the Yodify platform as e-commerce is. Dynamic 2-Way intelligent quoting integrated with your payment accounts gives your clients accurate and adjustable pricing at their fingertips to better serve their customers.

Configure, Price & Quote functionality empowers your clients customers to engage more meaningfully and create a connection to your clients business quickly, while expediting the sales process.
Configure, Price & QuoteDynamic Quoting
intelligent, shareable data
Manage & Deploy Product Data
Yodify Partners can create and manage a private Client Library and/or a private Partner Library of products that can be  added to clients sites based on access permissions you control. Significantly reduce your repetitive labor while improving your deliverable timelines for clients using the same products.

The Yodify Library empowers you to deploy your same product data and make it publicly available to any Yodify client, great for Partners who maintain a Brands' product catalog & data for use in their channels online catalog and stores.

Private or Public, the way you deploy your product data is yours to control.
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bring on tens, hundreds or thousands of clients with one set of data

Bring Entire Distribution Networks Online

Yodify presents a unique opportunity to forge organizational efficiency, oversight, analytics & data sharing to bring entire distribution networks online with the same high-quality set of product data.

Brands create one set of brand data (or claim an exiting one in the Yodify Library) which can instantly be adopted by their distribution network into Yodify-powered sites, leveraging the Yodify (or your private) Library.
Distributed Enterprise Catalog - Yodify DEC
Yodify DEC  TM Infinity  TM
Yodify provides unique Enterprise-level product data management functionality. Bring entire distribution networks online by working with manufacturers or brands to import, craft and curate their content, then distribute their product data via a Brand Library, your Partner Library or the Yodify Library or any combination thereof, creating incredible organizational efficiency and consistency.

When you bring a brand online with Yodify, you also have the opportunity to share the brands catalog with their entire sales, marketing & support channels, be it 10, 100, or 1000 unique additional clients. That's a lot of potential clients for you.
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20% commission on everything, including referred services
Recurring Revenue Generation
The Yodify Partner Program opens the doors for your business to deliver top-quality solutions for clients with the most simple to the most sophisticated online requirements.

With our 20% Commission on platform subscriptions, and referred Yodify-provided services every client adds to your bottom line month over month.
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make it once, use it forever
Data Creation & Curation
Every catalog needs products, if they aren't already in the Yodify Library, add value to your clients websites with product creation.

Our powerful product creation forms make it easy to make stunning, engaging product content quickly.
data creation
execute your vision
Site Pages & Navigation
With Yodify's integrated page builder you can put your html, css and javascript skills to work building out as many secondary (non-catalog) pages as your clients require.
pages & navigation
simple, powerful controls
Content Management
Every site needs updates to stay fresh. Update inventory & pricing via simple .csv import/export, create and manage sale dates, create coupons, manage payment accounts and more... or use our API.
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make the web more beautiful
Brand Redesign
Yodify has powerful tools you can use to evolve and transform your clients online presence.

With Yodify it's easy to provide your clients with great design and powerful functionality.
automate to expedite
Build Custom Integrations
simplify pricing & inventory
Integrate Your Clients ERP
Use Yodify's API to tie into your clients ERP and automate daily or weekly tasks like updating pricing, inventory or customer account prices.
Yodify API Documentation
single point management
Manage Orders & Quotes
Empower your clients to manage their customers orders and quote requests from the familiar environment of their ERP.

Create one or two-way integrations to keep Yodify and your customers' ERP in perfect harmony.
Yodify API Documentation
anything javascript
Implement JS Plugins
Every custom page, as well as a site-wide option allow you to integrate custom javascript to deploy additional functionality or features on a Yodify-powered site. Include a chatbot, a calendar booking plugin, additional analytic tracking or whatever else your clients require, intelligently and simply.
Inject Scripts and Styles
Scale Your Business with Yodify
Launch Your Partner Portal
From your Partner Portal create new sites for your clients, create a Partner Library, Brand Library or Client Library of Products to deploy into your clients sites, and create Page Builder elements or entire themes to use in your sites.
Bring Clients on Board
Create the catalog or store in your Partner Portal and launch it in Development Mode. This empowers any Team Members associated with this new site to access their Admin Portal to manage back end assets, and access a Members-only version of their front-end Yodify-powered site. 
Hand over the keys to your clients.
When you're ready to hand over  ownership of the site to your client, simply set a new Site Owner who has signed up and paid for a Yodify Plus or Yodify Premium Plan for the site.

Continue providing maintenance, add-ons and additional services if required.
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Highly Customizable, Extremely Powerful
Your Yodify, Your Way 
Create and manage assets to deploy into your clients sites easily with Yodify dynamic and powerful page builder. Manage 7 unique breakpoints from XXXL (2K) all the way down to XS (iPhone) with automatically cascading changes.

Build a roster of assets and templates to accelerate your delivery for your clients and create a  consistent, high quality design library, unique to you.

Jumpstart online transformation with one of our stunning, dynamic templates built to look & work beautifully on any device.