Product Creation & Editing

Yodify products are structured to be used as stand-alone single SKU products, or as powerful product series that allow you to organize your catalog content in a more user-friendly and industry-accurate way.

Provide your customers with rich product detail with images, descriptions, specifications, applications, documentation, configurators & more. 

There are a couple ways your product forms work for you; Creating New Products, and Editing Library Products (and of course, editing your own products.)
start from something great
Add & Edit Library Products
Populating your catalog with products from the Yodify Library 1 gives you an unprecedented advantage. Populate your store in a couple of clicks and jumpstart your website with hundreds, or thousands of hours of product creation labor already complete.

Edit Library product content to your hearts content to elevate the manufacturer data and speak directly to your core customer-base.

1 available with a Yodify Premium Subscription, or as an added feature to Plus.
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Create From Scratch
Creating products from nothing gives you complete control over the product content. Any product you create exists solely within your Admin Portal and is not available through the Library to other Yodify Clients.

Perfect for filling any gaps in your line-card not covered by the Library (or your complimentary product creation on sign-up).
Editing Library Products
When you open a Yodify Library product in your Admin Portal you will see there are a number of fields that are locked off for editing.

If you want to customize the existing content to better suit your business you can click the Custom Product toggle. This will allow you to craft your own content field by field, tweaking or completely replacing the Library content.
Creating New Products
Starting from a blank slate gives you complete ownership of all the content of the product you create.

Any product you create will exist solely within your catalog and will not be available in the Yodify Library (Unless you are a Manufacturer or Partner, and want to make it available for instant adoption throughout your distribution network).
Category & Filters
Inherit or Create a Custom Site Structure
Yodify Library products come pre-made with at least one Library Category assigned. Catalog filter criteria are managed through their association with Library Categories, and you can choose which of these filter criteria are relevant for these products for the industries or applications your customers operate in.

Easily refine your filter criteria using the Library Categories, or use Custom Categories to create a unique catalog structure specific to your business.
Custom Message Field
Custom Product Messaging
The custom message field in the product form let's you inject an additional content section to provide additional information or instruction for quoting/purchasing. Ex. Tell your customers the minimum order for this product, or mention an application sheet in your documentation they need to fill and submit with their quote request.
Fully flesh out your product with an accurate and informative description. Describing various applications for your product will help generate quality SEO results for your product, drawing in customers searching for specific solutions for their industry. 
List unique features of your product in a content section that deploys right under your Product Description. 
Add as many images as you’d like to your product to fully represent your product from multiple angles.

Add images to your individual SKUs to help purchasers and engineers find the exact version of your product from the inventory tab. 
Pricing & Availability
If you want to manage your pricing and availability on a product-by-product basis you have the same SKU controls, filtered by product series, on your product form that you do in your Inventory & Pricing tab.
Spec out your products to make sure the application-critical information is easy for purchasers to find and analyze. 
Add and organize documentation relevant to your product series.

 Making it available on the product pages themselves will help your customers and sales staff both find additional information about the product prior to quote or purchase.
Additional Content Fields
Link Youtube videos pertinent to your product to make additional resources available to your customers. 
Assign SKUs or product series you want your customers to be prompted to add to their quote or cart when they add this product to a quote/cart. Use Add-ons to ensure customers are getting the required accessory products, spare parts and more.
Related Items
Related items will, over time, automatically populate as customers check out with items in their cart that compliment each other. You can jumpstart this process by manually assigning related items to guide your customers journey through your website and increase the likelihood of an upsell, or simply make sure your customers have all the knowledge and options they need to completely satisfy their needs.
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custom model numbers
Product Configurators
Yodify's industry-leading configurators open the door for your customers to spec out their products based on their application requirements. Build in restrictions, dependencies & more to make sure only real SKUs can be created. Add pricing to your configurator options for complete CPQ functionality.

Forget sifting through thousands of SKUs, or flipping through binders to find a specific model, evolve your business today.
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customer specific pricing
Account Pricing & Net Terms
Make the transition to online sales & quoting seamless by pre-populating your customer accounts and assigning their specific discount levels so they can check out with their pricing, and the terms you have established for each account.
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curate your customer journey
Custom Product Visibility
Pricing & Product visibility controls let you curate your catalog content to show only what you want, when you want to who you want. Easily apply brand level controls, or get granular and manage your content on a product by product basis to determine who gets to see what price or product, and when.

Always show pricing, Log in for pricing, show pricing only to account holders and any combination there-of await to refine your customer journey even further.
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