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The Hub for All Things Industry: The Yodify Library

The Yodify Library transforms industrial e-commerce by supplying catalog-ready digital products, automatic updates & revolutionary efficiency.

Distributors, the Yodify Library empowers you to populate your catalog & store with ready-to-sell products from a brand-curated database, eliminating the need to create your own product data.

Manufacturers, control your product narrative for all your sales channels & their customers, instantly update your products in your distributors' online catalogs. Stop brand erosion by deploying the same core set of product data throughout your worldwide distribution network via the Yodify Library.

Free-to-Use Data to Power your Catalog

We believe access to the rich repository of information in the Yodify Library should be available to any business, regardless of size or budget.

Instant Communication

Every change or addition made to a Brands products are instantly reflected in every Distributor catalog across the platform.

Massively Reduced Development Time

Adding products from the Library to your catalog lets you launch a populated e-commerce-ready web presence in minutes, not months.

Best Data Everywhere

Customer confusion will be a thing of the past when everyone starts with the same set of quality data straight from the manufacturer.

Welcome to the Future of Industrial Data

The Library works for Distributors and Manufacturers in uniquely powerful ways

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Instant updates from the manufacturers and brands you carry, one click adoption of single products or entire brand lines, product change recommendations & more make launching and managing your catalog easy.

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Update your entire distribution network simultaneously, designate authorized distributors, launch new products overnight & streamline your sales communication. Become the single source of truth, everywhere.

The Product Library for Distributors

The Yodify Library offers many advantages for industrial distribution companies of any size

Launch Instantly

One-Click adoption of individual products or entire brands means you can populate your catalog with rich product information in minutes, not months.

Manage on the Fly

Add or remove products, SKUs and more from your store any time. You have complete control over the contents of your catalog.

Integrated Updates

When Manufacturers update their products in the Library you get the latest and greatest information straight from the source.

Built for Industry

The Library for Manufacturers

Brands with catalogs in the Library experience unprecedented communication & control of their data throughout their distribution network

Communication First

Bring your distritbutors in line by providing one set of rich, high-quality product information you disseminate network-wide automatically. Cut out costly & repetitive digital product creation for your distributors and make data obsolescence history.

Authorize & Empower

Yodify enables you to lend the weight of your Brand reputation to specific distributors by designating them an Authorized Distributor, meaning Purchasers always know they’re getting qualified support & authentic products.

Increase Accessibility

Having your products in the Yodify Library makes them immediately adoptable and considerably more accessible to your distributors and customers alike.


Ready-to-Use Products & Brands


Data Entry Services


of SKUs

Ready to Adopt

Thousands of brands are in the Library & ready to populate your Catalog with a single click.

Want More Information?

Reach out to us and we’ll let you know exactly how the power of the Yodify Library will launch your business into the cutting edge of B2B Industrial e-Commerce