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transforming the way data is managed online

The Future of Product Data Management is Here

The Yodify Library works for all Channels including Distributors, Representatives,  Merchants, Brands & Manufacturers in uniquely powerful ways

curate, not create

Ready-to-Use Products to Power your Catalog

50,000+ Product Series in the Yodify Library take website population from months to minutes.

Import from billions of SKUs, or link your ERP with our API to automatically add & manage inventory & pricing.
automate with Yodify's APIeasy inventory management
instant product updates

Instant Network-Wide Communication

Every change or addition made to a Brands products are instantly reflected in every reseller, distributor & representative catalog across the platform.

Instant product updates and new product releases provided effortlessly to all your sales, marketing & distribution channels, simultaneously.
Distributed Enterprise Catalogs - Yodify DEC
launch fast, save money

Massively Reduced Time & Cost

Adding products from the Yodify Library to your catalog lets you launch a populated e-commerce-ready web presence in minutes, not months.

With the Yodify Library you can save months and tens of thousands of dollars on product creation for your website.

The Yodify Library helps brands and their channels to streamline the transition to online sales with incredible efficiency.

eliminate the doom-scroll

Intelligent Catalog Structure

Yodify Library products are organized by Product Series. A Product Series contains all the SKUs of a product, so whether it's one SKU or a million, they're easy to find and filter.

Keeping your catalog structured and organized improves your customer experience by eliminating endless scrolling and searching when trying to locate their desired item. Empower your customers to easily locate the exact product they want even when it's surrounded by hundreds of pages of near-identical products.
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See how the Yodify Library can transform your web presence practically overnight.
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mutual benefit for merchants & manufacturers

The Yodify Library Works Miracles for Merchants & Manufacturers

instant catalog population from thousands of manufacturers
Resellers, Distributors & Reps
The Yodify Library delivers uniquely powerful ways to instantly populate your online catalog or store.
Instant updates from the manufacturers and brands you carry, one-click adoption of single products or entire brand catalogs , product change recommendations & more make launching and managing your catalog easy.
streamlined, consistent data delivery through every channel
Brands & Manufacturers
Transform the way you deliver your product data throughout your distribution network.
Update your entire distribution network simultaneously with Yodify Distributed Enterprise Catalog (DEC). Designate authorized distributors, launch new products overnight & streamline communication across every channel. Become the single source of truth, everywhere.

Yodify works with manufacturers to import the product data directly into the Libraries of their choice.
Yodify Distributed Enterprise Catalogs (DEC)4 Types of Libraries
Distributed Enterprise Catalog TM
Yodify DEC Infinity
Yodify DEC TM Infinity TM is the ultimate intelligent Product Data Management System for brands to share, manage, and control their product narrative worldwide through their multiple channels, enabling them to directly connect to current and future customers via their channel partners websites.
Create Your Multi-Channel PDM System
the fastest way to populate your catalog with rich, complete product data
Instant Catalog Population
Save time and significant amounts of money by putting the Yodify Library products to work in your online catalog and store.

50,000+ products with billions of SKUs for instant adoption saves you tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours getting your website launch-ready.
single-click adoption
50,000+ Product Series
Replete with manufacturer-sourced data, products in the Yodify Library include images, descriptions, spec's, documents & much more.

Empower your customers with dynamic model number configurators capable of handling trillions of possible permutations. Have restrictions, dependencies and/or exceptions? No problem!
professional & quick
Data Creation Services
Any products you need that aren't in the Yodify Library can be built by your team with the same tools we use.

 Alternatively, contract a Yodify Partner or the Yodify Data Team to build your products quickly and professionally.

Suggest your current web developer become a Yodify Partner and have them support your Yodify-powered catalog or store.
populate instantly
Billions of SKUs
The complex nature of many products means a product series can include hundreds or thousands of similar SKUs with slight, but critical variations.

Use the spreadsheet functionality to upload/download/import your SKUs with exactly the criteria you want to display. The Yodify Library enables you to load thousands of SKU/MPNs into your catalog in just a couple minutes.

4 Library Types
Use four cross-compatible libraries for ultimate synergy & efficiency
public and powerful
Yodify Library
The Yodify Library is the flagship brand and product library available to all Premium and Enterprise Yodify subscription holders and Yodify Partners (for use in development sites).

Including 50,000+ product series and trillions of SKUs, the Yodify Library allows for instant catalog creation, automated updates, and unparalleled savings in time & resources.
DEC & DEC Infinity
Brand Library
Brands benefit greatly from creating, managing and sharing a permission-based private Brand Library of products for all their channels, including sales, marketing and support.

Authorized access to products maintains territorial agreements and provides control over brand & product narrative. 
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manage your assets
Partner Library
Yodify Partners, create your own Partner Library of brand & product data you can deploy at will into any of your customer's catalogs.

Manage customer product data from the comfort of your own Partner Portal and deploy updates and new products instantly.
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client owned & operated
Client Library
Yodify Clients can create and manage their own Client Library of exclusive brand & product data that exists only for their use and is managed in their Admin Portal. 

Client Library's can be used in combination with any other library type to fills gaps, or complete a catalog or store.
Brands in the Library
These brands, plus 1000's more in the Yodify Library.
Don't see what you need? It's easy to build products yourself, contract a Yodify Partner or  the Yodify Data Team.
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