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Take Back Control of Your Brand Identity

Streamline communication throughout your distribution network with Yodify.

Managing product data online sucks, what if we told you it doesn't have to?

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Synchronize & Control Your Product Data Online

  • One-Click Adoption of Your Product Catalog by Distributors
  • Instantly Update Your Products in Your Distributors Online Catalogs
  • Control Your Brand Narrative in all Your Sales Channels
  • Centralize Your Product Knowledgebase
One Version, Everywhere

By adding your products to the Yodify Library, your sellers will be able to adopt them with a single click, making your product data THE data everywhere.

Network Communication

Every catalog edit or addition is automatically disseminated through your distribution network, massively boosting your communication efficiency.

Multi-Use Data Set

Your Brand content isn’t just for your distributors, you can also deploy your catalog on our Marketplace, and in your own branded Catalog.

Launch Anew

Launch from nothing. All you need is the passion to get your business online. We’ll help as much or as little as you need to launch a comprehensive site.

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Top-to-Bottom Communication: Empower Everyone in Your Company to Provide Confident, Consistent Customer Service

Where Data Management & Simplicity Meet

Every distributor in your network using the same set of data. Create a cohesive, comprehensive customer experience. It is this easy.

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Your Product Data

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Create Your Catalog & Curate Your Content in the Yodify Library

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Your Distribution Network

Automatically Disseminate any Product Additions & Changes to your Distribution Network via Yodify

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Your Distribution Network

Take your Product Data

Create Your Catalog & Curate Your Content in the Yodify Product Library

Automatically Disseminate any Additions & Changes to your Yodify-powered Distribution Network

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Prime Your Data for Your Distributors to Adopt

Getting your product data into the Yodify Library is the first step to world domination

Adding your producs to the Yodify Library will make them immediately accessible to Distributors from around the world to add to their Yodify-powered catalog. Create, update and manage your online data from one portal. Become the one single source of truth for your brand.

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Your Data, Your Message, Your Control

Take back the fine control you had on your branding in the age of physical catalogs

Create communication efficiencies throughout your network and build trust with your customers by delivering a consistent message online, on your terms.

Deputize at Will

Put your distributors expertise to good use. If there are people in your distribution network who can add extra value to your products, designate them a trusted editor and they can make changes to your catalog, on your behalf.

Authorize & Empower

Yodify enables you to lend the weight of your Brand reputation to specific distributors by designating them an Authorized Distributor, meaning Purchasers always know they’re getting authentic, reliable products and support.

Territories Intact

Shipping controls and restrictions allow your distributors to honor your established territorial boundaries and make your products widely accessible without conflict.

Join the Movement

Thousands of leading Brands are already in the Library. Add yours today.

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Create a Brand Hub for Purchasers

Launch a stand-alone catalog site with your branding & a custom URL with your curated data

Take the information you've already added to the Yodify Product Library and made available to your network, and launch a site for purchasers to source your products from a distributor in their territory. Make your website a lead funnel for your entire distribution network.

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