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Add Advanced B2B tools as needed

Key Tier Features

  • Google Analytics
  • Advanced Model # Configurators
  • Custom Scripts & Styling
  • Dynamic 2-Way Quoting & RFIs
  • Inventory Management w/ Batch Editing (.csv Import/Export)



Dedicated Customer Service

Priority Platform & Content Assistance

Automate Daily Tasks with API Integrations

Need a multi-site solution? Purchasing Groups & Affiliated Businesses contact us for a special rate.

Key Tier Features

  • Advanced Integrated Analytics
  • Integrate Customer Account & Pricing Tiers
  • Integrate Inventory & Pricing Updates
  • Integrate & Automate Shipping Calculations
  • Multi-Site & Multi-Location
  • Unlimited API Calls

Yodify DEC

Enterprise Data and Product Catalog Management Tools

Complete Organizational Consistency

Distributed Enterprise Catalog

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  • Create, Refine & Manage a Catalog of Your Manufactured Products
  • Manage Product Access Permissions for your Distribution Network
  • Instant Network-Wide Product Data Updates
  • Simplify & Lower Barrier to e-Commerce Throught Distribution Network
  • Streamline Communication & Massively Boost Organization Efficiency
  • Empower Single Click Adoption of Your Content into Distributor Catalogs
  • Launch D2C and/or Distributor Sales Portal w/ Account Pricing