Storefront & Satellite Site Pricing & Features
We at Yodify think that top-level catalog management tools and e-commerce functionality shoudn't be reserved for large corporations that can afford a massive overhead cost.
We've priced our tiers to be affordable for everyone, from the smallest company to the largest multinational.

Basic Seller

Great for small businesses looking to expand their online footprint!

You get:
Yodify Marketplace Seller Storefront or Catalog
  • Access to a global hub of buyers
  • Quote Request functionality on every product you carry
  • Full e-commerce with Pricing & Inventory
  • Integrated shipment tracking with most global carriers
  • Messaging - stay in touch with your customers & vice versa
  • Credit Card Payment Processing by Stripe
Access to the Yodify Library
  • Thousands of freely available pre-built products with millions of SKUs
  • One-click adoption for individual products or entire Brand listings
  • Model number configurators on thousands of products
  • Massively reduces the time it takes to launch & maintain your Catalog, or online Storefront
Sophisticated Catalog & e-Commerce Management Tools
  • Run your Stores through the Yodify Seller Portal
  • Custom Shipping Rules & Restrictions
  • Order Management & History
  • Set Backorders & Lead Times
  • Inventory & Pricing Import & Export
  • Set your preferred Currency

Premium Seller - Includes Satellite Site

Fantastic value for those looking to create a website that feels like home.

Thousands of products ready to add to your catalog or store. Great Value, Cancel Anytime.

Enjoy all of Yodify's powerful features, with your own Yodify-powered website.

Our most popular plan!



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You get:
Everything included in the Basic Seller Plan plus:
A Yodify Satellite Site - Upgrade Your Online Presence
  • Build your company catalog on the Yodify Marketplace and use that same information to enhance or replace your existing website. Bring your online presence into the 21st century.
  • Your colors, logos, and settings empower you to transform your Yodify Catalog into a self-branded unique website that scales perfectly to every device, keeping your product catalog & online store available to your customers any where, any time. Learn more about Satellite Sites.
Customer Account Pricing & Management
  • Customer Accounts enable you to set up custom pricing based on your Brands, Products, or SKUs for particular customers or geographies. You can set up account payments to fit the needs of your business, whether that is Credit Card, NET 30/45/60, COD, or other methods of collection. Yodify charges only Processing Fees on orders paid for with a credit card, Account transactions with your customers draw no fees from Yodify!
  • Custom Account Management
  • Custom Account Pricing
  • Custom Account Levels

Enterprise Seller - Includes Satellite Site

We’ll go above and beyond to make sure you get what you need to enhance your business



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You get:
Everything included in the Basic and Premium Seller plans plus:

SSL Certification

Data Entry Services

Developer Support


Product or Catalog Updates

Additional Features or Support Required