Brand Catalog Management of the Future

If you're a Manufacturer and manage a distribution network you know that controlling your Brand's narrative online is a major challenge.

Streamline your communication with Yodify. Every edit you make to your product catalog is instantly available to your entire sales network and worldwide customers, ensuring reliable access to the data you want your customers to see.

Learn How to Market Your Brand with Yodify

Interface with your sellers & distributors like never before. Manage your catalog of products, launch new items or interact directly with your distributors.

With Yodify you'll always know what's trending, what's missing, and how you can get your products to market quickly.

Claim or create your brand page now and get engaged!

Your Products, Worldwide

Connect with your existing Sellers (Distributors) and open new channels of communication with Sellers around the world.

Empower your sales network and end product misinformation online.

Recruit New Sellers Quickly & Simply

The more distributors who carry your Brand-line on Yodify the more powerful and encompassing your online presence becomes. Easily add & manage your existing business relationships and invite new Sellers to your distribution network.

Global Exposure

Having your Brand on Yodify will bring your products to a massive global audience. Easy access for customers and Sellers to your Brand data makes it easier to scale your business and become a leader your field.

Get Products to Market Instantly

Every change you make to your product lineup is available in real-time to your entire distribution & customer network. Updating and launching products becomes simple and straightforward with a diverse network of Yodify Sellers carrying the products you manufacture.

Be the Single Source of Truth

When you manage your Brand Catalog through Yodify, all changes or updates you make are automatically available to your customers & distribution network.

First, create your Brand Catalog, or have us create it for you. Next, get your distribution network on board starting with opening a Storefront on the Yodify Marketplace, and adding your new Brand to their Seller Catalog.

One set of data, used by your entire sales & customer network, getting your message out has never been so easy!

Brands Without Yodify

Without Yodify

  • Inefficient Communication
  • Incoherent Brand Message
  • Inconsistent Narrative
Legend Legend Arrow
Brands With Yodify

With Yodify

  • Seamless Instant Communication
  • Distribution Network Synergy
  • Massive Boost to Efficiency

What You get with Yodify

Instant access to the global Yodify Marketplace
Open channels of communication between manufacturers & sellers
Thousands of Sellers ready to adopt your products and start selling them around the world
Direct quote request functionality, ensuring no gaps in your regional sales coverage
Powerful catalog management, update your product lines and distributor network quickly and easily
Unlock your company's full sales potential
Launch a new product and every Seller that carries your Brand will be instantly notified & encouraged to sell it
An optional stand-alone Satellite Site enabling you to apply your corporate branding

Get Your Brand Up & Running

Complete 3 simple steps to launch your Brand on Yodify!


Registration is fast & simple, you'll gain extensive access to the Yodify Marketplace.

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Claim or Create

Claim Your Free Brand Page

Submit a Marketplace application to launch your Brand Page. Once our team approves your application you can get started in your Brand Portal to add your logo and company contact details!

Claim Your Brand Page

Populate & Publish

Add your products, invite Sellers to carry your catalog, and identify (authorize) your trusted distributors.

Watch your Brand grow as Sellers around the world discover, adopt & sell your products.

Powered by Yodify. Controlled by You.

Add your flair and corporate branding to the same set of powerful features your Yodify Marketplace catalog already affords you.

Why do I want a Satellite Site for my Brand?

Create your own Yodify-powered website with your logos, headers, color palettes, URLs & more, all using the same products and brands you've curated in your Yodify Brand Catalog.

Reap the benefits of Yodify's powerful web capabilities for building brand familiarity with your customers.

Love Your Current Website? Keep your existing site & re-link your Products tabs to your curated Yodify-powered Catalog to keep using your existing website, or use your Satellite Site as your fully functioning website.

It’s the best of both worlds, Yodify’s powerful back end and traffic driving functionality, and your unique style!

How do Satellite Sites work?

Use your curated Brand catalog and company contact information to launch a stand-alone site that works in tandem with your Marketplace Brand Page. Exponentially increase your web presence & get your distributor network connected to you.

Customize your look and feel

First, visit the Satellite Site tab in your Brand Portal. There you will be able to pick a color palette and upload a couple logos for your Satellite Site.

Unlock the power of Yodify on your home turf

Now that your Satellite Site is up and running you can use it as a stand-alone site to present to your customers & distribution network, or tie it into your existing website by re-linking your catalog content to the generated Satellite Site URL!

No-limit Hosting

We provide unlimited bandwidth for all your traffic.

The Multi-Stream Marketing Solution

1. Register with Yodify

Create a Yodify User account to access Yodify’s impressive Storefront and Catalog Management tools.

Register Now!

2. Create & Claim Your Seller Storefront or Brand Page

Complete the Yodify Marketplace application and you'll soon have access to powerful catalog management, e-commerce and marketing tools via your Seller or Brand Portal.

Create Your Brand and/or Seller Store Now

3. Add Products to Your Yodify Catalog

Add products to your catalog from the Yodify Library, or create them from scratch.

As a Seller you can also add inventory & pricing, set shipping rules & geographic restrictions, create custom pricing schemes for your customers, & more.

4. Create Your Satellite Site

Launch a powerful site separate from the Yodify Marketplace utilizing the same catalog and company information you’ve already curated for your Brand Page or Storefront.

Upload your company logos, pick a color palette and you're ready to share your new site with the world.

Create your Satellite Site Now!

Your distribution network is instantly updated with every change you make.

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