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Aircom Instrumentation Ltd.

9328 - 37 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6E5K3

Aircom Instrumentation Ltd.

9328 - 37 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6E5K3
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The Aircom Way

We don't create the demand, we meet it. Aircom is a company that believes meeting industry demands first requires relationships, trust, and a sense of urgency. We meet that demand with a system we call The Aircom Way. The result is a flexible approach that is executed by a team of dedicated problem solvers who are driven to excel.

Situated in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Aircom has been serving the process control industry for over 25 years. Aircom’s products reach process environments all around the world. With a niche in instrumentation manufacturing and distribution, Aircom's success comes from our customer's success.

What Makes Us Unique
Culture of Urgency. Fast manufacturing deliveries with RUSH options available. We put customer needs first.
We are Flexible. What you think is custom is standard for Aircom. We think outside the box when it comes to "in the box".
Trusted Problem Solvers. We are who you call in for your temperature and instrument applications, and for welding expertise.

Our passion is building a great company through trust and relationships.

Industries We Serve
Our niche is instrumentation manufacturing and distribution. The industries Aircom serves share the need for automation and process control. Aircom’s products are in demand across all these industries.

• Oil & Gas
• Power
• Forest Products
• Water & Waste
• Food & Beverage
• Mining & Minerals
• Government & Institutional
• Metals
• Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
• Manufacturing

Our Core Values

We demonstrate excellence daily in the way we respond to and service the needs of our customers. Our values drive us to do what is best for the customer. We work hard to earn our reputation of excellence because it represents the quality of the products we create, repair, enhance, and touch every day. Excellence defines Aircom, our people, our products, and our service.

We demonstrate the value of family daily when we are respectful and conduct ourselves with integrity. We strive to create a safe, fun and healthy work environment for our people, because they are family. We share our successes and learn from our mistakes. Family defines the people we share our lives with personally and professionally.

We demonstrate dedication daily when we show up prepared to do our best, in the way we carry out safe work practices, and in the way we are committed to creating a healthy workplace. Our dedication is represented by our years of service to the company and our industry. We go the extra 1.61 km to achieve excellence. Dedication defines our commitment to the people we work with and our community.

We demonstrate our drive daily when we help others. When someone else succeeds, we succeed. We compete every single day. Drive is the result of practicing our QMS and Core Processes consistently. Our drive is represented by the lean forward innovative attitude we exhibit. Drive defines our growth.